About Roxity

Of course, I spend a lot of time working. I also spend some time sleeping, eating, grooming, socializing, thinking, playing, moving, creating, dreaming and gathering information. But I am not really an expert in any of these things. In essence, I guess there are only three things that make my heart skip a beat. Music. Travel. And the newest VANS footwear. I don’t want to bore anyone with lengthy descriptions of my outrageous shoe collection. So I have decided to concentrate on the first two. Music and travel.

I go to a lot of shows. I listen to a broad selection of rock music. And I spend a lot of time traveling. Mostly to places that offer something music-related. Sight-seeing for me is the odd trip past some long-forgotten recording studio, a coffee in a band-owned bar and a detour to the city’s ticket office. If you could see yourself straying from the Lonely Planet’s path and adding music to the itinerary, you’ll hopefully find some inspiration in ROXITY. Eventhough it’s not a travel guide. And certainly not the Rolling Stone, either.