Uneven Structure

30 Jul

Last weekend, French low-tuners Uneven Structure were in town. They played Frankfurt’s Nachtleben with Microphobe and Driven by Entropy. Uneven Structure had been recommended by me to one of my allies and fellow TeseracT fans. It was the first chance I got to see them live since their acclaimed first full-length album “Februus” had become a permanent resident in my playlist. Needless to say, I got exactly what I bargained for. Low, Meshuggah-esque guitars, thickly layered soundscapes and too many rhythms to count. A mix of metal and ambient sounds, completed perfectly by Matthieu Romarin’s multi-style vocals. For me, a perfect Sunday night. You should come along next time.

Uneven Structure are
Matthieu Romarin on vocals
Jérôme Colombelli on guitar
Aurélien Perreira on guitar
Igor Omodei on guitar
Benoit Friedrich on bass
Jean Ferry on drums

Find out more about Uneven Structure here.
See the program for Nachtleben here.
Uneven Structure will also be playing the Euroblast Festival this year.

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