…And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead

20 Oct

Trail of Dead @ Zoom Frankfurt

Trail of Dead @ Zoom Frankfurt

Trail of Dead just never disappoints. I have seen this Austin-based band numerous times and in awesome venues like New York’s Webster Hall. I think I own the entire catalogue as well as some pieces of art work. You’d think I would get tired of the whole thing. But watching these guys live and getting swept up by their signature energy is always a rock n roll feast for me.

Slightly more arty and ingenious than alternative rock should strictly supposed to be, Tail of Dead make for a once-in-a-lifetime show over and over again. From punk-rocky numbers that are wound up so tight they may spin out of control any minute to more procrastinating tunes and long instrumentals, the set is as versatile as a day in a theme park. And it does not take a musician to realize the musicianship of this band. As all four members passionately rock away – instrument switcheroo and all – the audience surrounding me at Frankfurt’s Zoom club is mesmerized. I realize standing there that Trail of Dead fans are unique – and just as intense as the band itself.

Trail of Dead @ Zoom Frankfurt

Trail of Dead @ Zoom Frankfurt

A little banter and a whole lot of tunes later, frontman Conrad Keely bids us goodbye. Sweaty, happy, rocked-out faces leave the venue, taking Trail’s vibe and original artwork with them. I think it is at this moment that I realize: come rain, shine, or two broken legs – I probably won’t miss a Trail of Dead gig in the future either.

Trail is:

Conrad Keely
Jason Reece
Autry Fulbright II
Jamie Miller

Find out more about Trail here.
Flickr the show here.
Get info on Frankfurt’s Zoom club here.

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