Rock Stampede

6 Oct


Fate is a funny thing. At times, it can take one opportunity away and present you with another. And that, I suppose, is what happened when I went to see Godsized at the Logo in Hamburg. All prepared to take photos and do an interview, I arrived only to find that Godsized had had an unfortunate mishap on the way there. Burst tire, leaking gas pipe. And all that on a Sunday. Chances were, they weren’t going to make it to the venue on time. However, there were two other bands on the bill that night. I hadn’t really done my research but still decided to stay and watch the second act of the night, a band called Muffalo.

Muffalo @ Café Central WeinheimIn hindsight, of the three things that crossed my mind, two are hilarious. Next to totally falling for the “real rock sound” of Muffalo as a whole, I found myself thinking that a) the drummer seemed to really know what he was doing and b) the bassist seemed familiar somehow.

Why is that funny? Well. First off, I later wikipedia’d that the drummer is actually Gene Trautmann, former member of Queens of the Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal. So I guess it’s safe to say he didn’t need my judgment on his talent. But good call on my (non-instrument-playing) part, huh? Secondly, as I was sitting on the train back from Hamburg, I flipped through “Everybody loves our town” – an oral history of the Seattle scene I was reading – and there was Dean Gunderson, bassist of Muffalo (and of Cat Butt/Jack o’Fire, as it turns out), staring back at me from one of the photo plates that I had looked at one the way there. Mystery solved.

Anyway, back to the falling for the real rock sound bit. After seeing Muffalo in Hamburg, I also went to the Weinheim show at Café Central where they were supported by Swiss rockers Navel. In the meantime, I had gotten my hands on “Love Songs and Battle Hymns”, Muffalo’s brand-new album. Now, I keep repeating myself but I am really not big on labels. So, when you get your copy of the album, feel free to tell me whether it’s garage, desert, southern, stoner or whichever other genre you can dig up by then. I will just tell you that the album rocks. As did their set. From honest rock tracks like “Stitches” to contagious tunes like “Purpose of Aging”, Muffalo showed what almost a decade of work mixed with fine rock heritage can accomplish. While former Mondo Generator member and Muffalo frontman Derek Myers’ voice and lyrics laced the beautifully down-to-earth songs with the necessary emotive quality, Dean Gunderson, Gene Trautmann and Darren Musatto (the tour guitarist and newest member of the Muffalo family) rewarded the audience at Café Central with soothingly real rock music. Too bad you weren’t there. Better luck next time, I guess.

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