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9 Apr

Godsized @ Underground Cologne

Godsized @ Underground Cologne

The first time I saw Godsized was in a supporting slot for the last Life of Agony show I would ever go to. Even though I was “waiting for the main event”, they made me stop and listen. After the show, I headed over to merch – actually in search for a signed copy of the fourth “Wire Hangers”, the comic Alan Robert was publishing at the time. Unfortunately, LOA had not brought any comics to sell. As I turned around, I got “talked into” buying the Godsized EPs instead (by the band, no less). To be honest, it wouldn’t have taken a lot of convincing anyway.

Until the Croydon-based foursome toured through Germany again, I must have listened to those songs about a million times. Going from “I cold get into this” to “This is awesome, let’s put it on repeat” in the process. So when they came back, I ventured out to the Logo in Hamburg. If you’ve read my posts on Muffalo, you’ll know what happened next. The Godsized van broke down and the band could not get to the venue on time. When they arrived, it was too close to curfew to play a set. Everyone was obviously slightly disappointed. But no one was as disappointed as the band members themselves. Seeing that made me swear to myself to go see Godsized again next chance I got. And the next chance I got was Easter Sunday when they played the Underground in Cologne.

Godsized @ Underground Cologne

Godsized @ Underground Cologne

It’s incredible what a turnout Godsized produces. But it’s not unbelievable. Considering their mesmerizing stage presence, awesome musicianship, colossal tunes and honest approach to rock music, it’s hard not to love what you hear. Their groove has substance, it is – for lack of a better term – truly godsized. They turn something that could be retro into something that is current. Strong vocals, riffs, beats and bass – that is how Godsized gets everyone’s head bobbing. This band does their best to cram an arena-quality performance into a cosy live music venue. And they succeed. Commitment like that, it puts a smile on my face.

Godsized are Glen Korner (vocals and guitars), Neil Fish (guitars), Gavin Kerrigan (bass) and Dan Kavanagh (drums).

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