Dax Riggs

13 Mar

Dax Riggs @ Hotel Vegas, SXSW

Dax Riggs @ Hotel Vegas, SXSW

Slightly folky. Slightly dark. Slightly glam. Totally underrated. And all in all really hard to describe. That’s Dax Riggs for you. Or at least, that’s Dax Riggs for me. Another gem in the Frenchie Smith showcase, Indiana-born, Lousiana-raised Austin resident Dax Riggs (ex-Acid Bath) and some of his musically talented friends put on a magnificent show at Hotel Vegas.

Next to the masterfully crafted songs which were just as masterfully delivered, there were undoubtedly some other unique things about this Dax Riggs performance. First of all, there was magic. The magic of each and every musician standing on stage seeming to be 110% dedicated to producing the finest sound they can. A beautiful thing to see. Secondly, there was is mystery. And this centered around Dax Riggs himself. Caught somewhere in-between the proverbial weird kid and a man enlightened, Dax seems to sing and dance along the verge of understanding what it’s all about. He brings deep thought and dark melodies to the table as much as he brings beauty and ease. It makes for a thrilling combination. An enigma, if you can bear to call anything that.

You see, I wasn’t kidding when I said “hard to describe”. I guess, some things you just have to see for yourself.

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