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13 Jan

This New Year’s Eve, I was lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires. It’s a wonderful city with lots going on, especially at night (as it is really too hot during the day to do anything). In the week following New Year’s Eve, I got to see Neon Legion perform at La Cigale, a wonderful location in one of those “old-world-charm” buildings in downtown BA.

In case you don’t know Neon Legion, I will just give you a quick overview. Founded by Frankfurt’s own Philip Kressin, the band is made up of different musicians depending on where they are performing. And Kressin – as the frontman – is the only constant in this innovative game of musical chairs. Before forming Neon Legion, Kressin released one album under the name of Kirt. Based out of New York, Toronto, Buenos Aires and sometimes home sweet home Frankfurt, the different cultures Kressin experiences have found their way onto Neon Legion’s first album “La Revolucion” and make for some very versatile listening.

Seeing this live was a real treat. It brought out some new facets within the Neon Legion tracks. Not, that the music didn’t display a whole number of them already. An eclectic mix of electronic, rock and even classical sounds, the songs on “La Revolucion” are certainly uniquely layered, whether you listen to it live or recorded.

My favorite moment of the night’s performance was definitely the last song – the title track “La Revolucion”. Wonderfully varied electronic sounds paired with chunky guitars and almost eerie vocals, it feels like Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir on an industrial merry-go-round. If your synapses don’t sizzle trying to imagine that, I don’t know what will get your imagination going.

“La Revolucion” comes out February 2012.

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