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Mix Tape

5 Jun

Last week I went on a little road trip with my two favorite allies. On the way back from Amsterdam, I got out the paper bag that has been loyally moving with me from car to car. In it an ever-growing stack of CDs, many of them not even labelled. I handed it to my buddy in the passenger seat – the designated DJ for the journey. After a short rummage, he found something simply named “MIX”.
“What’s on this?”
Needless to say, I didn’t know – didn’t even know if it was my writing on the CD – and we slipped it in the stereo. What happened next boggles the mind. Each and every track on this mix – though from or related to the rock genre – was slow, sad, intense. My allies were in stitches.
“Damn, buddy, lovesick much?”
I couldn’t remember ever having put together the sampler. And then finally, by track 7, it dawned on me. A friend had given me this CD as a leaving present some years ago. At the time, I had listened to it, not thought much about it and politely thanked him. My allies couldn’t believe my ignorance.
“Do you not realize: a mix tape is always a mix tape. Never just a sampler.”
After a lengthy discussion about whether or not I had unknowingly brushed off the advances of a dear friend and broken a heart in the process, I arrived in my apartment nursing a guilty conscience. I guess I’ll never know if there is or was a deeper meaning to this choice of songs or if it was just an unfortunate attempt by a non-rocker to compile “rocky” songs. And I’ll also never know if a mix tape is always a mix tape. Or maybe just a sampler sometimes.