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Sad-Eyed Ladies

13 Oct

Before I get into telling you all about the two Keith Mina Caputo & the Sad-Eyed Ladies shows I got to see this fall, I will comment on the ongoing discussion on “Keith goes Mina”. This is the only time I will write anything about it, so listen up.

Keith Mina Caputo & the Sad-Eyed Ladies @ Nachtleben FrankfurtFrankly, I am pretty furious. Especially when reading things such as the comments by some Pete person that followed the tagging of Life of Agony members in a flyer (posted by the band Confusion on Facebook). Don’t get me wrong, this is just one example and not the most important one, either. But it does stand for the many reasons we have to be disappointed in our fellow human beings. In a musical context, I don’t understand who gave any of us “fans” the right to judge personal decisions made by any members of bands. First of all – even if you grew up listening to a band and have seen them on stage a million times – chances are you DO NOT know these people. You do not know their minds, their life, not anything really. Secondly, you are supposed to be there for the music. That’s it. Just the music. Thirdly, how backwards must you be if you can’t accept someone else’s personal choices – especially if they do not have any effect on what you get out of the art they are creating? I am sure that a big decision like the one Mina made isn’t easily come by and takes a lot more courage than writing derogatory articles, comments and such. So: if the music is what you came for, stick to the damn subject. Respect these people as artists. And don’t forget: if they don’t affect you, other people’s lifestyles are really none of your business. I can promise you that the two shows I saw still had all the edginess, character, voice and spirit they’ve always had. So get a life of your own to comment on or something, you opinionated, macho fools.

Rant’s over. Now for the actual info on the Cologne and Frankfurt shows. The awesome thing about this tour: Cologne was almost the first show and Frankfurt was almost the last. I can’t say which I preferred but can tell you that they were not the same at all.

The show in Cologne’s Underground took place on September 9. For some odd reason, most of the Keith Mina Caputo shows seem to happen in September and October. Good for one of my favorite allies. Since my birthday is on September 11, she always has the perfect gift lined up. (Though she would really be at a loss if my birthday came round half as much as Jochem’s seems to…) Anyway, as is almost tradition by now, we went on the birthday gig tour. And this year, I got a set that was lined with the most beautiful sense of melancholy. I saw a band that seemed to have found a whole new equilibrium in the joy of playing together. Plus, “My mind is dangerous” was on the set list. I love that song. And not just because it’s an old LOA track. Also on the set list was some new stuff, “Alaska” and “Identity”. While the former sent my mind to…well, my time in Alaska this summer, “Identity” – although it’s velvet to the ears – reminded of the predicament we are in when we set out to find ourselves and what we find is not what we expected. All in all, poetic and powerful – just like the rest of the set, including an impressive jam by the Sad-Eyed Ladies and Ryan Oldcastle’s acoustic performance of “Blessed March”.

Easy to see why I went twice, isn’t it? Though the setlist was roughly the same in Frankfurt on October 11, it was a completely different show. The mood, though as intimate as ever, had facets to it that I have not encountered at a Keith Mina Caputo gig to date. Dark, intense and brooding – meet cheeky, boisterous and a sense of arrival. I am surprised how well you all work together. And thanks for having me over for some tunes.

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