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No Pain, no gain

20 Jul

House of Pain @ BatschkappThere’s truly nothing better to heal the hurt of a jet lag than a nice, sweaty, indoor show. So, upon returning from the saga that was my summer adventure, I obviously could think of nothing better to do than frequent my local live music hall, the Batschkapp. Luckily, the timing was perfect. House of Pain was scheduled to play a show.

Of course, House of Pain is not strictly “rock”. However, it is a regular – and always has been – on the turntables of all my favorite clubs. I’m not denying that “Jump Around” and the track from Judgement Night got the most play, but as a loyal expander of the musical mind, I did get all the records, including Everlast’s solo stuff, and listened to them religiously for quite some time. I must admit, I was biased by my environment. I had an old-skool b-boy type showing me the musical ropes at the time. A broadening of the horizon I am grateful for to this very day. After all, we all should learn about Grand Master Flash and such, no matter what albums we end up buying in the long run.

House of Pain @ BatschkappAnyway, I digress. I didn’t catch much of the support due to aforementioned jet lag. But I did catch the House of Pain show. Granted, a hip-hop based show has a very different energy to – let’s say – Slipknot (Or Limp Bizkit, thank God). But all the necessary tunes were played to get the crowd moving, nontheless. From “Danny Boy” to the must-do “Jump Around”. The proverbial sprinkles on top? An acoustic session by Everlast aka Whitey Ford aka Erik Schrody himself. A couple of solo tracks. A big yay from me,as I have nothing but respect for the guy and have spent many an awesome moment listening to exactly those tunes. By the way, new stuff is being released as we speak.

Now, it’s hard for me to really compare this to anything or itself. I have never seen House of Pain live. I haven’t really seen many hip-hop based acts, period (Not counting J-Zay at Rock am Ring, where I actually decided to get a drink from the bar instead). But all in all, I have to say it was a pleasant surprise, a good time and exactly what the insomnia doctor ordered. Head-bobbing and all.

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