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Melkweg Madness

29 May

So, we’re in Amsterdam this weekend. Apart from “really wanting to see the sea”, we also wanted to walk past the Melkweg and have a closer look at the schedule. For those of you who haven’t seen this place for yourself, the Melkweg is somewhat of a cultural epicenter of Amsterdam – a venue for music, art, film and so on. Once a sugar refinery and then a dairy factory, the Melkweg has an awesome industrial feel. Oh, and it’s also a cafĂ©, restaurant, bar and club. Last year, i saw Life of Agony perform there. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway. Needless to say, there’s something going on most of the time. Although sometimes that something is slightly obscure. Or just slightly niche.

For the street artists among you, the poster would have probably been the most informative thing on the planet. Duster UA Launch Party plus screening of “Style Wars”. For us, it gave no clues whatsoever. I mean, were we talking fashion? Dancing? Hair??

So we stood around for a while. Then we looked confused some more. And then finally, a guy walked out of the Melweg, saw us and headed for us. He then began to explain that tonight was the opening of a street art exhibition and the screening of a graffiti documentary and that he was, in fact, Duster UA.

The show was awesome. And so was the film. I suggest you take a look.

Watch “Style Wars” here:
See Duster’s work here:
Plan a trip to Melkweg here: