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No room for rockstars

13 Mar

I’ve been wearing VANS on a daily basis for as long as I can think. They are my “trusted source” in the shoe department, if you so want. The same applied for music. At least once they made the Warped Tour a regular thing. Although I have never been to said show, I would check the line-up regularly, scoring it for upcoming bands.

This year, VANS premiered their documentary “No Room for Rockstars” at 1100 Warehouse during SXSW. Complete with popcorn, swag and Vitamin Water, the screening was one of the most rocking scenarios ever. As was this movie. With insights into the 2010 tour and featuring awesome footage of everyone from Suicide Silence to Never Say Never, the documentary painted an authentic picture and left out nothing – not even the criticism offered by some of the artists on the tour.

But now to the really heart-wrenching stuff. Also featured in this documentary were the struggling “Forever Came Calling” from Nowhere, California. Their story, one of playing Warped Tour parking lots and trying to get their tunes heard and CDs sold around the tour, is the definition of rock n roll hardship. Luckily, all the running out of gas money and pissing in bottles while driving across America does have a happy ending. I won’t go into detail. Don’t want to spoil the story for you.

To make a long review short: if you’re into festivals and live shows and rock stories, put on your favorite VANS and watch this honest and somewhat courageous documentary. It’ll be available on iTunes shorty.

For more info, here’s the website.

So soft…

21 Jun

I have three very interesting facts about White Zombie’s heart and soul, Mr. Rob Zombie. Ok, so I stole the following two (thank you G):

1. Rob Zombie is no cheap customer. He actually has a Titanium American Express Card.
2. On this card, his last name is really “Zombie”.

And now for the one I also stole, but anyone could know:

3. After making a few horror films and such, Rob Zombie has teamed up with none other than Woolite. the fluffiest of all brands, to make a one-of-a-kind commercial.

Check it out here:

Congratulations, Rob. It’s awesome.

Melkweg Madness

29 May

So, we’re in Amsterdam this weekend. Apart from “really wanting to see the sea”, we also wanted to walk past the Melkweg and have a closer look at the schedule. For those of you who haven’t seen this place for yourself, the Melkweg is somewhat of a cultural epicenter of Amsterdam – a venue for music, art, film and so on. Once a sugar refinery and then a dairy factory, the Melkweg has an awesome industrial feel. Oh, and it’s also a cafĂ©, restaurant, bar and club. Last year, i saw Life of Agony perform there. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway. Needless to say, there’s something going on most of the time. Although sometimes that something is slightly obscure. Or just slightly niche.

For the street artists among you, the poster would have probably been the most informative thing on the planet. Duster UA Launch Party plus screening of “Style Wars”. For us, it gave no clues whatsoever. I mean, were we talking fashion? Dancing? Hair??

So we stood around for a while. Then we looked confused some more. And then finally, a guy walked out of the Melweg, saw us and headed for us. He then began to explain that tonight was the opening of a street art exhibition and the screening of a graffiti documentary and that he was, in fact, Duster UA.

The show was awesome. And so was the film. I suggest you take a look.

Watch “Style Wars” here:
See Duster’s work here:
Plan a trip to Melkweg here:


No Headphones

28 May

I don’t really like trains. Although it’s not very eco, I’ll take a road trip over a rail trip any day. You know, with the wind in your hair, your favorite song on the car stereo and whatnot.

Speaking of which, I actually still make a playlist for most of my journeys – in spite of a very broad and well organized iTunes library that will sort of fit on any of the numerous iSomethings I carry around with me. I pick the music I currently like and the music that I think will go with my mood plus whatever is geographically or thematically related. For example, you wouldn’t catch me in Seattle without a grunge mix or on the way to Berlin without a Beatsteaks album or two. But no, I do not religiously put on Nine Inch Nails on the way to the hardware store.

Anyway, I detoured. What I wanted to talk about was the advantages of “the driving iPod” – i.e. rental – over mass transportation – in this case: the train I am sitting on while I write this. I am en route to Amsterdam to meet my two favorite allies. And I forgot my headphones. So, even though I have an iPhone and an iPad full of tunes right here, I’ll be listening to kids screaming, old men snoring and bachelor parties singing instead of relaxing to a little bit of Clutch or some Ukulele Songs. And that’s that. Now, had I gone by car, I could have easily used the car stereo to either play a CD or hook up one of my iSomethings. Being on a train, I can’t even jump out at the next rest stop and try to buy headphones. To me, this proves once again how superior the road trip is. Although some people would say that I would have had headphones with me if I was just a little more organized.