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Beer or wine?

4 Oct

“The guests seem more than pleased.
How is the wine?
We shall be underway
on the bye and bye.”

Clutch, Big News I

Although Clutch do enquire how I like the wine, they seem to have left the pressing of the grapes to another rock icon for now. Instead, they teamed up with New Belgium Brewing. The collaboration brew: a 80% stout, 20% dark sour wood beer that is said to be “riotous”.

Maynard James Keenan has, on the other hand, baby-stepped his Caduceus Cellars endeavor foward. For those of you that did not watch the documentary “Blood into Wine” (a must for any Maynard fan): Rumor has it that Tool’s frontman has turned some unbelievably unappealing territory into fertile soil for some exceptional wines.

So obviosuly the question is: beer or wine? I have a bottle of Caduceus at home which I yet have to try. Although getting a six-pack of Clutch to Europe also poses an interesting challenge. Well, I guess it’ll be wine for now and beer when it can be organized. Full report on that to follow. In the meantime: “cheers” if you live anywhere near these “sources”.

Clutch @ New Belgium Brewing:
Caduceus Cellars: