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Dualistic Textures

5 Mar

Textures and Sylosis @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden

In my opinion, being in flux is a big part of progress, as it seems a thing that does not change also cannot grow. And the Dutch six-piece Textures is my proof. Listening to their catalogue of work, it’s obvious that these guys are all about vicissitude. They seemingly travel to and from those proverbial opposites that attract with mind-blowing swiftness, producing smart, highly technical metal wherever they tread. The outcome is a four-album package, brimful with IQ, awesome song-writing and never-tedious musicianship.

Textures recently came to town with their newest work, Dualism, which – needless to say – is nothing like their other albums. Performing it live at Wiesbaden’s Schlachthof and supported with an awesome set by epic UK thrash band Sylosis, the Dutch metal outfit confirmed what a listen to the current album could have foreboded. While the stuff you love about Textures – the stellar drumming, intricate composition and acute riffs – were still a constant of the show, the Dualism tracks prove that this band isn’t called Textures for nothing. With new additions DaniĆ«l de Jongh on vocals and Uri Dijk on keyboards, the set oscillated more flexibly than ever between the many often opposing layers that are the make-up of this outfit. Armed with wars where technicality vs. groove and brutal growl vs. tear-jerking melody, Textures hit the stage. But judging from the reaction of the crowd, it seemed everyone there got the equation.

I would hate to generalize that everyone in the audience has the tools to comprehend Texture’s highly mathematical approach to a good tune. So I’ll just say that the band has figured out how to make their complexity something to rock out to instead. Whichever it is, I walked out a fan with changed eardrums. And if you don’t see that as progressive, I suggest you reread sentence number one.

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