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Penny for your tunes

13 Mar

Pennywise @ 1100 Warehouse

Recently, I watched an Oscilloscope distributed documentary entitled “The Other F Word” which portrayed the the lives of rockstars that are also dads. Now, contrary to popular belief, it seems that rockstars are actual human people and do follow actual human life patterns. You know – find a girl, settle down and all that. One of the main protagonists of the film was Jim Lindberg, former vocalist of Pennywise and father of three pretty adorable little ladies.

As interesting as the whole Punk Rock Dad story was, the biggest impact the film had on me was rekindling my love for Pennywise. So, I rummaged around in my iTunes playlists, found most of the catalogue and listened to it all again. Coincidentally, this was just before leaving for SXSW where Pennywise was due to play a few shows including the one at the VANS 1100 Warehouse showcase.

For anyone not updated, Jim Lindberg reveals towards the documentary’s end that he is quitting Pennywise to spend more time with his family. Since then, about two years have passed and Jim has been replaced by none other than former Ignite frontman Zoli Téglás. For an Ignite fan like myself, this gives Jim’s exit the proverbial silver lining.

Before Pennywise came on, I watched the “No room for rockstars” VANS Warped Tour documentary which featured mostly younger bands. While I appreciate a lot of upcoming musicians, it was nice to see a band on stage I could totally relate to afterwards. As expected, the California punk rockers burned through much of their best-loved tunes with skill, energy and their trademark positive attitude. Zoli’s performance, intense and honest, couldn’t have been better suited for this killer set. So I walked out thinking my standard thought after any Pennywise show: Sometimes, I wish I could be a bro. Just for a moment.

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