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1 Mar

For my last birthday, an ally of mine gave me a set of CDs, most of which I had never heard of. When I listened to them in the days that followed, it was uncanny how spot-on my ally had been in choosing the music. I really liked all of the albums. And I really loved one of them in particular. Ghost Brigade’s “Until Fear No Longer Defines Us”.

Ghost Brigade @ Underground Cologne

Ghost Brigade @ Underground Cologne

Hailing from Finland, Ghost Brigade’s sound is more ethereal than it is strictly Nordic or progressive or Death/Post/Doom. It resounds with a beauty that is stark and a pain that is intrinsic to the mind that contemplates. Set against a backdrop of masterfully crafted, heavy riffs, the honest yet soothing melodies on “Until Fear No Longer Defines Us” produce an atmosphere that is dark and ¬†all-encompassing. Listening to the album repeatedly, it did, however, make wonder: is it too “intelligent” to be delivered live?

When Ghost Brigade came to Germany supporting Enslaved this February, I decided to go see for myself at Cologne’s Underground. In just under ten songs from both “Until Fear No Longer Defines Us” and “Isolation Songs”, the Finnish five-piece turned my doubt into astonishment as they ferociously breathed life into their unmistakably evocative tunes. They rocked what I thought couldn’t be rocked while staying true to the introspective nature of the Ghost Brigade sound. And it was standing there that I realized what really makes Ghost Brigade. The constant musical flux between opposite ends makes for an almost unsettling balance of light and shade that hits you right in the gut and still makes you come back for more. So in short: if you’re hard enough to handle what could spark a proverbial “look inside”, you may be just the rocker Ghost Brigade have come to play for.

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