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Ukulele Songs

16 Jul

I grew up on flannel shirts, sulky dispositions and Pearl Jam. The loyal listener that I am, I have followed Ed & Co through an array of albums. Of course, for anyone who was stripped of the innocence of childhood to the tunes of “Ten”, that will always be the album to remember. But there have been others that have had the pleasure of being on repeat in whichever device I was using at the time. Now, after 20 years of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder has released a solo album titled “Ukulele Songs”. And yes, he plays the Ukulele on it. The title’s a dead give-away, so to speak.

Though it’s hard to imagine, this album is a wonderfully insightful and powerful piece of work. One you listen to over and over again. Eddie has somehow managed to make the Ukulele less annoying. As unbelievable as that sounds.

So when I received news via the Ten Club that Eddie was taking this album on tour, I spontaneously decided that I had to see it. And where better than Seattle, right? Last night of the tour in the hometown. And one of my favorite places to visit, anyway. So I somehow edged it into my summer travel plans. As did one of my favorite allies. And off we went to Benaroya Hall.

Benaroya is part of the Seattle Symphony, located downtown. It floats on giant pieces of rubber to keep the noise out and the music in. The acoustics are pretty unbelievable, needless to say. And so was the show. Three full hours of Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard from The Frames/Swell Season and movies such as The Commitments and Once. Songs off the featured album, the “Into the Wild” soundtrack and even a few from Pearl Jam. All held neatly together with a few class anecdotes that, though Ed claims to be a bad storyteller, entertained to no end. All I can say is that it was totally worth the detour.


Can’t Keep
Sleeping By Myself
Without You
Hey Fahkah
You’re True
Soon Forget
Longing to Belong
The Needle And The Damage Done
Long Road
Man of the Hour
I Am Mine
Long Nights
No Ceiling
Far Behind
Just Breathe
The End
Unthought Known
Better Man

And as there were no cameras allowed whatsoever, here’s a video someone else filmed:

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