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Tight like that

16 Nov

When I started this blog, the first band I wrote about was Clutch. At the time, I went to the show only to find out it was sold out and then – by the force of a miracle – got in at the last minute. The force wit which Clutch enchants its audience had me mesmerized. So, undoubtedly, I had to go again. Luckily, Clutch came to Europe on their tour with Volbeat this fall. And this time, I went prepared – well, at least I had a way of getting in.

Clutch on European TourFor those of you who don’t know Clutch, you’re definitely missing something. The band hails from Germantown, Maryland and was formed more than 20 years ago. Since then, Clutch has been producing the unique “Clutch” sound. While certain undertones of anything from metal to punk rock can be identified, all of Clutch’s tunes – especially the more current ones – seem to embrace the chunky loveliness that is blues.

Needless to say, that is exactly what we got served up at the show. Fresh, heavy, riffed-up blues. A well-selected setlist featuring the best of a quite wealthy catalogue, topped off with “Basket of Eggs” as an encore. As a true Clutch fan, you couldn’t really ask for anything else. The funny thing is: it seems that true Clutch fans are actually made at Clutch shows. How do I know this? Well, one of my favorite allies accompanied me to the show and came out a slightly changed girl. No surprise, really. After all, what can you say when a band is really tight like that.

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