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NEWERMIND: Spin’s tribute

15 Sep

NEWERMIND: Spin's tribute to Nirvana (Image courtesy of

I was never the biggest Nirvana fan. But I can remember when Nevermind came out. And I can remember seeing the 20th anniversary exhibition this year at the EMP. A lot of things have happened in these 20 years. Like most of us growing up, for example. But still, when I hear an old Nirvana tune, I can totally appreciate it to this day. For all of you who feel the same, here’s the free download link to NEWERMIND. SPIN’s tribute album with all 13 Nevermind tracks performed by 13 different bands. I will spare you the “SPIN putting a new spin on things” remark at this point but I have to admit that what I hear is not what I would have expected.